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Safety Flooring Supply and Installation

To avoid injury from slips on wet floors in your commercial or industrial property, hire Countrywide Flooring to install high quality Safety flooring at a very reasonable price.

Our vinyl safety flooring is an ideal choice for toilet facilities, swimming pools, schools, old peoples’ homes and commercial kitchens due to its durability and slip resistance.

While our safety flooring is mainly aimed at removing the risk of slips and trips at your workplace, it can also be used effectively in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection spreading.

We install throughout our local region of the South West including Dorset, Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire, but regularly travel throughout the UK for commercial clients. The full range of benefits to our range of safety flooring includes:

  • Impervious surface that is grout free
  • Resilient surface while still comfortable underfoot
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous options available to guarantee long-lasting performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable to be fitted around corners

Safety FloorWith a subtle appearance and great flexibility, our safety flooring can be fitted anywhere in your property. Having become increasingly popular with building designers and architects, safety flooring is featuring heavily in hospitals, offices, toilet facilities and schools and with easy installation and great slip resistance it is not difficult to see why.

Due to its high level of adaptability and its aesthetically pleasing appearance, our safety flooring is the ideal choice for people wanting a slip-free and safe floor while still wanting that fantastic look and feel that only a high quality floor can give you. This is why so many of our commercial customers purchase from us for their toilet and washroom facilities.

They are also perfectly suitable for areas with less slip risk but more foot traffic, such as offices, hallways and dining rooms.

So if you are interested in having high quality safety flooring installed in your commercial or industrial property, speak to the specialists here at Countrywide Flooring for installations throughout Dorset, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and the UK.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for safety flooring or other products such as commercial vinyl and office carpet tiles with one of our helpful and friendly team.